The Gods of Wind is the story of Darren Abington’s arrival to Pryeana, a world similar to Earth in many ways. Upon his arrival, Darren learns about Pryeana’s people, culture, and perhaps most interestingly, of Pryeana’s bizarre connection to his old home.

Waves rush toward me, swell, and crash over the rocky shore below. Farther out, islands rise out of the pea-green canvas, some tiny and jagged, others much larger and covered in vegetation. They go like this all the way until the water meets the sky. Breathtaking as it is, the view isn’t providing many answers…. I roll to my back, arms at my sides, eyes on the blanket of sky and an umbrella of thin, milky clouds perched above darker ones racing along the shoreline, revealing something that makes it indisputable: I am not home. Nowhere near it.” — Excerpt from The Gods of Wind.


One aspect of Pryeana’s connection to Earth is that time passes faster on Pryeana than on Earth (1.618 times faster to be exact). To track time on Earth, Pryeanans use a specific tool, called a Timelord.

Timelords consist of two thin wooden disks whose alignment is adjusted by rotating either disk. To fit the astronomy of Pryeana, which is very different than Earth’s, the Pryeanan week is structured as ten days, which are displayed on the outer disk (dark grey); Earth’s are displayed on the inner one (light grey). The timelord graphic to the left shows the time alignment for one specific week, during which Monday on Earth begins almost halfway between the Pryeanans days of Whitset and Eurodar. On Pryeana, timelords are adjusted weekly to ensure proper alignment with Earth time.