Darren Abington died. At least that’s what he’s told when he awakens in an unfamiliar land full of unfamiliar people. But where is his wife? Is she in the same foreign place trying to find him, or is she still on Earth? And if he did actually die, why can’t he remember how it happened?

The only answers that come easy are those pertaining to his new home—a world called Pryeana that is similar to Earth in many ways. Pryeana is a rocky globe of seas, mountains, and a supercontinent inhabited by humans living normal human lives. There are peculiarities though, most notably that certain Pryeanans possess an ability to see and hear Earth—and as a byproduct—alter Earth’s wind. Darren learns that years before his arrival, the once-benign side-effect of wind control was used maliciously by a group trying to wreak havoc on Earth, resulting in strict regulation of the meditative skill and a population divided on the morality of its use.

As Darren skirts Pryeana’s laws to search for the truth about his last days on Earth, secrets about his new world raise more questions. He is left with a reality that makes him fearful for his and his wife’s future.

The Gods of Wind is available in hardcopy and digital formats. The first two chapters are available as a free sample (PDF below or e-reader format on Amazon).